The MRA cartoning machine performs opening, filling and closing of pre-glued cardboard boxes, such as tucking flaps, glued short or full flaps with bended or rounded sides, fliptop openings, extensions for advertising panels with or without holes for hooks, flat closure bellows, dividers, shaped boxes, etc.


  • Foodstuffs: single or multiple trays, baked products, dairy products, chocolate bars, plastic bags, etc.
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: perfumes, creams, flasks, soaps, sticks, blisters, etc.
  • household articles: washing powders, household appliances and DIY, hobby, etc.
  • clothing and sportswear: shirts, sweaters, socks, footwear, gloves, sportswear, etc.

Versions suitable for particular products or working speed

  • MRA-H-I Horizontal Intermittent
  • MRA-H-C Horizontal Continuous
  • MRA-V-I Vertical Intermittent
  • MRA-V-C Vertical Continuous


  1. The flat preglued carton is picked-up from the storehouse and inserted into the main chain pockets
  2. The sealing of both ends is performed through one two steps, depending on the machine model
  3. The filling with the product, through a special conveyourbelt, is carried out by mechanical or pneumatic devices
  4. Closing of the second hand


  • storehouse extension
  • product stacker
  • leaflet feeding unit
  • code maker


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