The HS-E flow pack machine can pack a very large range of products allowing pretection from external agents. It is particularly suitable for the food, pet food, cosmetics, household, pharmaceutical, electromechanical sectors.


  • Right or left output version
  • Stainless steel version (parts subject to oxidation)
  • Accompanying bars for high or large size products
  • automatic product feeding devices
  • flat or notched, full o rpartial, warm or cold, wide or narrow sealing units
  • shaped cutting knives, with punches for eurohole, notches for easy opening
  • tracing, hot, inkjet coders, self-adhesive labels application


  1. The individual products are inserted manually or automatically (optional device) in the compartments of the feed conveyor
  2. The packaging material is uncoiled and positioned around the product through the shaping group, adaptable to any shape
  3. The optical electronic device performs reading of the press references, allowing the brushless motors to control with extreme precision the proper positioning of the product inside the pre-printed enclosure
  4. The advancement of the wrapping film takes place thanks to two or three pairs of motorised rollers that are also carrying out longitudinal welding
  5. The transversal welds, such as envelope separation cuts, are made by rotary jaws. This device, equipped with heat-sealing bars and cutting knives, produces junctions and punch cutting of different sizes
  6. The finished packages are deposited and extracted by the exit conveyor
  7. All controls, movements, synchronisations  and settings are managed by 3 brushless servo motors and PLC complete with control keyboard and graphic programming display


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