The CX clusteriser wraps products such as trays, cups, yogurt, cans in multipacks or individual-product, by starting with tight cardboard straps, closed at the bottom with hot glue applied by hotmelt system, or with an interlocking device. It packages a very large range of products, ensuring the most suitable closure until opened for use: this type of packaging allows overlay and exposure to the public while maintaining, through front windows, visibility of the product, by improving the asthetic appearance. It is indicated for the foods, milky-cheese, homemade, cosmetics, beverage sectors.


  • preparation for wrapping individual-dosed products or multipacks
  • automatic devices for feeding products
  • tracing, hot, inkjet coders, self-adhesive labels application


  1. The individual products are inserted manually or automatically (optional device) in the compartments of the feed conveyor
  2. The cardboard straps are collected from the warehouse and wrap the individual or multiple product through special equipment
  3. the hotmelt device performs, through a gun, the stretch of the hot glue to the stable and rigid closure of the enclosure (the machine can be designed for interlocking closure without glue)
  4. the advancement of the closed product is obtained through a travelling belt for the extraction
  5. All controls, movements, synchronisations and settings are managed by PLC complete with control keyboard and graphic programming display


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